Old Joliet Prison

The castle-like Prison was constructed with Joliet limestone and contains over 20 buildings within its four walls. On certain days of the week, take an hour-long tour to learn more about Joliet Correctional Center… also known as Old Joliet Prison.

The Old Joliet Prison was built in the 1850s and housed notorious criminals such as Leopold, Loeb, and Gacy. The prison also housed some well-known figures, such as Joliet Jake Blues (The Blues Brothers), Michael Scofield, and Lincoln

(Prison Break).From April to October, the Joliet Area Historical Museum offers pre-scheduled, guided tours of select areas of the Prison “campus.” Walking tours last about 90 minutes. Please keep in mind that because the site has been abandoned for over fifteen years, certain areas of the facility are not open to the general public. Also visit HellsGate Haunted House. Contact Oasis Hospice if you’re living in Joilet, il. Or call them at 708-564-4838.

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