Physicians and healthcare professionals can be confident that their military veteran patients will receive hospice care from OASIS that meets their unique end-of-life medical and psychosocial needs, supports their families, and honors their service.


Our commitment to veteran patients and families at OASIS is embodied in a simple but powerful concept: Every Day Is Veterans Day at OASIS.


All OASIS team members, from clinicians to volunteers, are trained to inquire about a patient’s military service and experiences at the time of admission.

We make certain that veterans receive:


We believe that the families of veterans are critical to the care plan. They are assisted with:


What are you looking for?

It’s not easy, but the medical treatments you’d prefer near the end of your life should be discussed with others. Your medical wishes would be unknown if you never brought up the subject of end-of-life decisions, and you were unexpectedly incapacitated and unable to speak for yourself.

Despite the importance of the subject, only 27% of Americans report having discussed end-of-life care with their families even though 24 hour hospice care is available to millions of Americans today. Creating an advance directive and sharing it with your family and doctor is the best way to express your medical wishes.


Pre-Planned Death Directives

An advance directive consists of two legal documents that allow you to plan for and communicate your end-of-life wishes. When you create an advance directive, you are taking a proactive approach to your medical care and saving your loved ones from having to make difficult medical decisions during a crisis.

Don’t wait for a crisis to strike. Create your advance directive, distribute copies to your loved ones and doctor, and keep a copy in a location where others can find it.


Increasing Veterans’ Access to End-of-Life Care

According to research, veterans are less likely to seek aggressive curative care near the end of their lives, and those receiving care in US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals are even less likely to do so.

These findings suggest that many veterans are already aligned with hospice’s goals and mission, and OASIS is ready to provide the care they require.


How We Assist Veterans Nearing the End of Their Lives

Extensive Experience and Strategic Partnerships with Veterans Organizations

Veterans and their families benefit from enhanced care as a result of our expertise and partnerships:


Veteran Patients’ Expertise and Shared Experiences

Our expanded care team is a key differentiator for OASIS. We understand that only a veteran can truly understand the experiences of another veteran, which is why we hire veterans as full-time employees and recruit veterans as hospice volunteers.

Our hospice professionals have firsthand knowledge of the physical and emotional difficulties associated with military service, deployment, injury, and combat. They are aware of the physical, emotional, and spiritual difficulties that arise when veterans reflect on their lives in search of closure, recognition, and the meaning of their service.

Some veterans experience post-traumatic stress disorder, survivor’s guilt, or emotional distress. OASIS encourages and facilitates veteran-to-veteran chats to allow veteran patients to share their experiences and work through service-related anxieties. Our teams are ready to assist these veterans in dealing with and resolving service- or combat-related experiences, memories, and emotions.

“Our mission and goal with the care we provide is to give every veteran peace and self-forgiveness at the end of life,” says Carole Quackenbush, RN, Admission Liaison, and veteran specialist.


Veterans Deserve Meaningful Recognition, as well as Community Support

OASIS also ensures that all veterans receive the recognition and gratitude they deserve for their service to our country. Among the efforts are:


Support for Veterans and Their Families on a One-to-One Basis


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